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AI expertise for your vision

Data Engineering

Design and implement mechanisms that make quality data accessible to your AI solution.

Machine Learning

Create AI systems capable of learning from experience.

MLOps & DevOps

Implement robust and efficient backbones to support your AI solution.

Data Science

Transform your raw data into actionable insights using AI techniques.

Software Development

Develop custom software solutions that integrate your AI tools.

Innovation Strategy

Devise strategies that foster creativity and keep your business on the cutting edge of AI technology.

UX & UI design

Focus on creating intuitive user interfaces for your AI solution.

Automated Testing

Integrate automated testing and reporting procedures for your solutions that guarantee their robustness and quality.

SEO Audit & Analytics

Ensure that your solution is easily discoverable on Google and monitor your website’s performance.

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Advanced Text Recognition and Analysis Techniques for Accounting Practices


Monitoring photovoltaic plants with Machine Learning


Monitoring System for the Overhead Lines of Brussels Trams


Proof of Concept for Protein-DNA Affinity Solution


Our values

Sometimes we say no. To better serve you.


  • We put our clients' interests ahead of ours.
  • We define and follow high ethical standards.
  • We cherish our independence : no products, no shareholders.


  • We focus on bringing solutions to real business problems.
  • We meet our Clients' expectations through the agile process.
  • We bring innovation to all our activities, using up-to-date open source technologies.


  • We are committed to the integrity of our advice.
  • We enforce the obligation to dissent.
  • We believe in continuous self improvement and team work.

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