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We provide custom IT services
for all your business needs

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Software development
Build solutions

How to best handle your key challenges with software? We design, develop and operate tailor-made platforms, desktop and mobile applications.

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Data Science
Make the data talk

How to use collected data to improve your processes and products? We conceive, implement and deploy artificial intelligence algorithms to find the answers.

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Identify the right questions

How to create value through the use of advanced technologies? We provide sound and independent recommendations to address your most critical business questions.

Our values

Sometimes we say no. To better serve you.


  • We put our clients' interests ahead of ours.
  • We define and follow high ethical standards.
  • We cherish our independence : no products, no shareholders.


  • We focus on bringing solutions to real business problems.
  • We meet our Clients' expectations through the agile process.
  • We bring innovation to all our activities, using up-to-date open source technologies.


  • We are committed to the integrity of our advice.
  • We enforce the obligation to dissent.
  • We believe in continuous self improvement and team work.

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