Development of an Electronic Medical Records Management Platform



Medispring, a cooperative established by physicians in Belgium, identified an operational gap within their profession. They a proficient tool to manage their patients' electronic medical records in a centralized, secure and digital manner.


Medispring has requested our team to undertake the task of developing their very own electronic medical record software. The physicians envisioned a solution that ensures IT independence and caters specifically to their unique requirements. To achieve this goal, we designed and implemented a comprehensive cross-platform medical application. The application is an innovative solution that not only manages and stores medical records, but also incorporates an array of additional functionalities such as prescription management, billing, and communication with federal health services. The application serves as a hybrid platform, with capabilities for both online and offline use. It integrates with third-party data sources and services, including INAMI's e-Health system, thereby creating a holistic solution for modern healthcare providers. One of the standout features of the platform is its implementation of best practices in client-side encryption, ensuring robust data security. Furthermore, the platform has been recognised by the community for its market-leading UI and UX design, demonstrating a thorough understanding of the user experience.


The developed solution has now found widespread use among more than 2,500 physicians. It has significantly enhanced workflow productivity, streamlined operations, and improved patient data management. Given the success of this application, we are currently undertaking a new venture – the implementation of a complementary mobile application. The patient-centric application will allow patients to manage their own appointments, prescriptions, and medical records, thereby further improving the overall patient care experience and pushing the boundaries of digital health services.