Bertrand CHENAL

Technical Expert

Bertrand obtained two Master’s degrees: in Mathematics (2003) and in Computer Science (2006) from the University of Namur.

Bertrand started his career in an open-source ERP company, where he learned both how to design complex software and the virtue of simplicity. He then went on to co-found B2CK and helped develop Tryton, another open-source ERP software.

After a stint at the FNRS where he contributed to the development of a centralized login system across the French-speaking universities, Bertrand's interest in data science and data engineering led him to transition into a consultant role in the energy sector, mainly involved with  creation of forecasting models.

Bertrand joined B12 in January 2023 as a Technical Expert. The next time you meet him, he will gladly chat about basketball, watches, cars... and everything IT!