Analyst Developer

Brieuc obtained a Master's degree in Civil Engineering in Applied Mathematics with an option in Data Science at the UCLouvain in 2020 as well as a Master's degree in Management Science at the Louvain School of Management in 2021.

He developed a deep interest in Machine Learning during his Master's degree, and his thesis focused on feature selection on incomplete and non-numerical data. His thesis in Management aimed at increasing fairness between users in recommender systems. During his studies, he was involved in student organizations with social or academic objectives and also supervised the practical work of various engineering courses.

Brieuc joined B12 Consulting in September 2021 as an Analyst Developer. He is curious by nature and is, above all, a passionate piano player who always aims to surpass his level. He also practices downhill biking as well as hiking in the mountains and particularly enjoys bivouacking in the wilderness with his friends.