Charlotte LÉONARD

Business Developer

Charlotte obtained her Master’s degree in Corporate Communications and Public Relations at the Université Catholique de Louvain in 2018.

Her academic path was quite diverse. She first obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at EPHEC in 2015. Following her degree, she obtained practical insight in different sectors with four internships in different companies, including B12 Consulting. Later, Charlotte worked as a Customer Loyalty Agent in the banking industry, where she developed a strong interest in customer satisfaction and in wellbeing-oriented projects for employees. Respect, kindness, team spirit and positivity are for her essential values to feel fulfilled in her life and at work.

Charlotte joined B12 Consulting in February 2022, taking charge of business, networking and marketing activities. During her free time, she takes ballet courses. She likes re-energizing herself by walking in the nature, reading and has a strong interest in everything related to art, creativity and the cinema. It is no longer a secret: Charlotte is a gourmet and easily falls for chocolate. She also likes cats a lot.