Florent RASKIN

Software Functional Analyst

Florent obtained his Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, with a specialization in medical imaging, from UCLouvain in 2022.

For his Master’s thesis, Florent focused on characterizing structural brain changes observed in patients recovering from a stroke. His goal was to identify biological changes which may help improve  patients’ motor skills and their recovery. As a student, Florent was an active member of social and cultural student associations and helped  organize several events on the  university’s campus. He also supervised academic teaching lessons for first year engineering students in multiple engineering courses such as management of mathematical analysis, chemistry, engineering projects, and electromagnetism.

Eager to take on exciting new challenges, Florent joined B12 Consulting in December 2022 as a Software Functional Analyst. In his free time, he enjoys the art of photography, loves reading fantasy books and spending time with his family and friends.