Analyst Developer

Julien obtained a Master’s degree in applied mathematics from UCLouvain in 2022 with  focus on optimization and cryptography.

For his Master’s thesis, Julien focused on the mathematics of the tennis ranking system. His goal was to develop an Elo rating system in sports using optimization methods and the theory  of dynamical systems. During his studies, he was involved in several student organizations with academic and social objectives, and also supervised the practical work of various courses in engineering and computer sciences.

Julien joined B12 Consulting in September 2022 as an Analyst Developer. He is always eager to learn and discover new things in his field and outside. In his free time, he likes playing and watching sports, especially badminton, which he played as a part of a university team for five years. . Moreover, he enjoys spending a lot of time with his friends and his family and watching movies and series.