Analyst Developer

Martin obtained a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from the Ecole Polytechnique de Louvain in 2021 with a focus on Optimization and Data Science.

For his Master’s thesis, Martin focused on studying agent-based modeling in airports. His goal was to develop tools to simulate ground actions to predict aircraft departure and arrival times and thus help operational stakeholders to make decisions. During his student years, Martin was also actively involved with the Jeunesse d'Anseremme, a youth committee that organizes festive and sports events for the youth of his region. After his studies, Martin worked as a Data Analyst for a Belgian professional football club. He has always been attracted by the complexity and diversity of the challenges he undertakes. This is why he chose a career in IT and more specifically at B12 Consulting.

Martin joined our company in January 2022 as an Analyst Developer. In his free time, Martin likes to play soccer in a club. He enjoys all kinds of sports.