SEO Expert

Souad Lepoivre joined B12 Consulting in April 2023 as an SEO and digital analytics expert.

Souad obtained a Master's degree in Egyptology from UCLouvain in 2014 and a Master's degree in cultural management from ULB in 2015, where she studied subjects such as marketing and accounting. Additionally, she has completed intensive training in digital marketing.

Prior to joining B12, Souad worked for several years at a digital marketing agency, serving prominent clients in the automotive, energy, and banking sectors. She also gained hands-on experience and managed teams at excavation sites in Alexandria, Egypt. Furthermore, she has conducted lectures on Egyptology and provided guided tours that showcase her pedagogical skills.

With broad experience in digital marketing, Souad specializes in digital analytics consulting and SEO audits. She is able to conduct SEO audits and provide recommendations to enhance website traffic through organic search. She is dedicated to achieving the perfect balance to satisfy both web crawler robots and end-users.

Furthermore, she possesses expertise in digital analytics, covering all stages of the process, including defining key performance indicators (KPIs), implementing tagging, generating reports, and extracting valuable insights. She is convinced that data analysis is essential to drive marketing strategies and take action to improve user experience.

Combining her background in human science with her passion for analytics and SEO, Souad brings a unique perspective to the projects she undertakes.

Outside of work, Souad enjoys building Lego sets, watching musicals, and reading books. She is passionate about giving back to her community and actively volunteers on the board of directors for her children's daycare.