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Guillermo Montero

Project Manager

Guillermo joined B12 Consulting as a Project Manager in December 2021. He possesses a strong academic foundation in linguistics and multilingualism, holding a Master's degree from Sorbonne University and a Ph.D. from Stockholm University. Throughout his studies, he managed to combine his wide interests in literature and philosophy, cognitive science, experimental research, and mathematics. He then pursued his academic career as a researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, where he investigated how linguistic knowledge is represented in the brain.

Guillermo’s previous work experience as a researcher has made him cultivate several facets that transfer to his current role. Firstly, he possesses the enthusiasm and determination required to devise effective solutions for unprecedented challenges. Secondly, he demonstrates the skills of analysis and systematic thinking in his work. Thirdly, he showcases the ability to lead with a vision, recognizing that each person’s unique perspective is a strength when working together to achieve a common goal.

Guillermo consistently keeps the big picture in mind, ensuring the project attains its objective: resolving the client's issue in the most efficient way. He accomplishes this by deconstructing complex problems into specific questions and collaborating with clients to find the answers that will solve their particular challenges. A fervent believer in win-win solutions, he communicates openly and frankly throughout all project stages, guaranteeing clients access to accurate project information at all times and prompting their involvement when necessary.

Importantly, Guillermo instinctively believes in people, a trait that will naturally lead to building trust between the client and the competent B12 teams he proudly leads. One of his success stories involves building and deploying an app that uses AI to automatically index documents for a large company in the real estate industry. The challenges were not only technical. The app involved changes in the internal processes of the company and therefore the client needed to be reassured that the platform was going to be accepted internally. Guillermo and his team worked hand in hand with the clients, helping them become product owners and ambassadors of the new solution. This, together with a clear definition of milestones and rollout phases, ensured a smooth transition towards full adoption of the new tool in production.

Guillermo likes spending time with his wonderful wife and daughters, running any distance from 10k to marathon, hiking in nature or reading and cooking at home. Every now and then he likes to do something crazy, like biking from Madrid to Stockholm with his wife.