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Jonathan Joertz


Jonathan Joertz is an Associate. He joined B12 Consulting in July 2020 as an Analyst Developer specializing in Data Science

Jonathan obtained a Master's degree in Computer Science with a focus on Data Science from the University of Mons in 2020. His Master's thesis was an innovative investigation into the predictive modeling of consumer behavior using internet user data.

Before officially starting his professional journey with B12, Jonathan completed an internship with the company in 2019.

Jonathan's expertise predominantly lies in the field of statistical data science, leveraging techniques such as Machine Learning, neural networks, random forest, and clustering. He has built a strong reputation within B12 for his significant knowledge in MLOps, distinguishing himself through his intuitive understanding of complex data structures and algorithms. Renowned for his empathetic nature, he likes sharing his knowledge and helping others develop their skills. Jonathan's curiosity drives his enthusiasm for acquiring new technologies.

One of Jonathan's favorite contributions is a project in the automotive sector, where his team was charged with the detection of anomalies through sound. Jonathan and his team came up with a plan combining multiple model predictions and signal processing analyses using convolutional neural networks.This allowed them to effectively filter non-anomalous signals, resulting in a robust solution. Jonathan always takes great care to have a thorough understanding of the client's unique needs. This enables him to transform complex technology into workable solutions that exactly match the client's expectations.

During his free time, Jonathan is a passionate table tennis player and enjoys doing various sports. His love for learning extends beyond work, as he constantly seeks to acquire new skills and broaden his horizons.