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Our AI-powered solutions services

At B12, we provide innovative, AI-powered solutions, providing end-to-end services from ideation to continuous improvement.

Our expertise spans a broad range of artificial intelligenceand data-related services, tailored to meet the unique needs of various industry sectors.

We prioritize a human-first agile approach, ensuring our solutions are not only technologically advanced but also aligned with your end-users needs, guaranteeing a positive impact.

Our commitment to continuous improvement means we don't just deliver solutions; we evolve them alongside your business, ensuring scalability and lasting impact.

Data Science

We offer comprehensive data science services, focusing on data exploration and customized model development to meet diverse business requirements.

Data Analytics

Our experts not only guide you through the latest industry trends and technological advancements but also identify the technologies best suited to meet your vision. We focus on selecting innovations that prioritize value creation and impact.

Data Engineering

Transform your data into insightful, secure, and well-managed assets, facilitating smarter decision-making processes.

Data Visualization

We specialize in turning complex data into clear, impactful visualizations, enhancing understanding and decision-making capabilities.

Data Governance

Our service ensures high-quality, compliant data management, optimizing policies and risk management for effective data usage.

Our AI services


Model Development

Create bespoke AI models with our service, utilizing advanced algorithms for predictive analysis and decision-making.

Deep Learning

Leverage our deep learning expertise to develop intelligent solutions capable of complex data interpretation and prediction.

Computer Vision

Transform visual data processing with algorithms that enable computers to interpret and learn from real-world imagery.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Develop systems like virtual assistants and chatbots to streamline operations and improve customer engagement.

Big Data

Manage and leverage large data sets to uncover hidden patterns and drive business strategy.

Predictive Analytics

Use our predictive analytics service to forecast trends, identify opportunities, and prepare for market demand.

Neural Networks

Analyze vast datasets to uncover patterns and inform better business decisions with our neural network expertise.

Cognitive Computing

Develop AI and ML systems focused on a human-first approach, designed for intuitive interaction and centered around user needs, enhancing understanding, reasoning, and learning capabilities.

AI Framework

At B12, our AI project development process is meticulously structured to guide businesses through every stage of AI integration.

1  Ideation

Initiating with creative brainstorming sessions, we tailor artificial intelligence technologies to align with your unique business vision, driving innovation.

2  Business Goals Identification

This crucial step involves defining specific, strategic objectives for artificial intelligence implementation, ensuring each solution is goal-oriented.

3 Readiness Evaluation

Our comprehensive assessment analyzes your organization’s data quality, IT infrastructure, and technological capabilities, crucial for smooth AI integration and adoption.

4 Data Strategy Formulation

We develop robust data strategies, focusing on governance, collection, storage, and analysis, laying a solid foundation for artificial intelligence deployment.

5 AI Technology Selection

We prioritize open source technologies while guiding you in selecting the most suitable artificial intelligence solutions. Our experts consider factors like budget, problem complexity, and resource availability to ensure the chosen technology aligns perfectly with your business needs.

6 AI Solution Implementation

We create a Minimum Valuable Product (MVP) of the AI solution, allowing us to validate the concept and collect initial feedback. Following our agile methodology, the solution is then iteratively refined and fully implemented.

7 Continuous improvement and support

Post-implementation, we not only monitor and refine artificial intelligence solutions but also provide support for seamless solution handover and integration. This ensures the technology continually aligns with your evolving business goals and objectives.

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