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B12 is dedicated to bringing specialized, innovative solutions to a wide range of industries.

With a commitment to value creation and adaptability, we provide modular solutions designed to meet unique challenges and enhance operational efficiency.

Our sector-agnostic approach enables us to tailor solutions that are both innovative and practical, across various industries.

Our Sectors


Our healthcare solutions, tailored for hospitals, physicians associations, and public organizations, go beyond traditional care models. We integrate advanced analytics for patient monitoring, streamline hospital management systems, and enhance medical treatment processes, all aimed at improving patient outcomes and increasing efficiency in healthcare facilities. Our objective is to facilitate the seamless integration of digital and AI technologies in healthcare, revolutionizing patient care and operational efficiency.
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We combine the cutting-edge methodologies of biotechnology with the precision of pharmaceutical practices. Our focus is on accelerating drug design and development, optimizing clinical trials, and streamlining production processes. We employ advanced data analytics and AI to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in drug discovery and production. Our tailored solutions aim to revolutionize the biopharmaceutical industry, ensuring faster, more efficient development and delivery of critical medications and therapies.
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In the Energy sector, we provide transformative solutions aimed at integrating renewable energy, enhancing infrastructure through predictive maintenance, and managing smart grids efficiently. Our focus is on enabling energy companies to adopt sustainable practices seamlessly while optimizing operations. We employ advanced analytics and modern technologies to automate and enhance energy infrastructure data management, driving efficient grid operation and supporting sustainable energy initiatives.
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In the Biotech sector, our focus is on empowering companies with advanced tools for high-throughput data analysis, streamlining research processes, and enhancing laboratory automation. Our solutions are designed to accelerate the pace of discovery and development, facilitating more efficient and innovative research in biotechnology. By providing state-of-the-art technology and process optimization, we help biotech firms achieve groundbreaking advancements in their fields.
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Industrial Processes

Our solutions are geared towards modernizing production lines through automation and integrating Internet of Things (IoT) technology for real-time monitoring. We concentrate on enhancing supply chain visibility, thereby increasing overall operational efficiency while significantly reducing costs. Our approach is tailored to optimize industrial operations, leveraging advanced technology to streamline processes and drive cost-effective production strategies.
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Legal Practices & Accounting

For legal practices, we specialize in providing tools that streamline case management and automate document analysis and generation. Our solutions are crafted to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of legal services, allowing legal professionals to concentrate more on high-value tasks. By integrating these advanced tools, we aim to transform the traditional legal workflow into a more efficient, accurate, and responsive system.
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Media & Entertainment

In the Media and Entertainment industry, our expertise lies in advancing content processing and generation, coupled with detailed audience analytics and workflow automation. Our tailored solutions aim to elevate user engagement by creating more personalized and interactive experiences. By harnessing these technologies, we strive to transform the media landscape, making content more relevant and accessible to diverse audiences.
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Real Estate

In the Real Estate sector, our solutions are designed to redefine large scale management of property and real estate. By integrating advanced analytics and AI, we offer insights for property valuation, market trends, and project planning. We focus on providing comprehensive digital platforms that facilitate efficient property management and automated document handling. Our goal is to empower real estate professionals and clients with tools that make real estate transactions more transparent, efficient, and customer-friendly.
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In the Mobility sector, our focus is on enhancing transportation systems and urban mobility through innovative technology. We provide solutions that optimize public transport, enhance fleet monitoring and maintenance, reduce traffic congestion, and improve route planning using advanced data analytics and AI. Our systems are designed to support sustainable initiatives, aiming to make urban mobility more accessible, efficient, and environmentally friendly. By leveraging IoT and AI, we strive to create smarter, more connected, and sustainable transportation networks for the future.
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