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PhD Event

B12 Consulting
August 2022

Moving to the Dark Side of the Force: A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Private Sector

AI Game Challenge

Antoine Doeraene
March 2022

Un challenge coding d'une journée dans une ambiance de jeu rétro.

Petites histoires d IA

B12 Consulting
January 2022

Laissez-vous transporter quelques minutes par l'intelligence artificielle et ses multiples applications dans le futur.

How much time is needed to develop an application?

Antoine Doeraene
October 2021

The growth of many companies will inevitably involve the need to develop software applications. For some compa...

What are the benefits of working in a Data Science and Software Development consulting firm?

Camille Libert
August 2021

As an HR Manager, every year I have the opportunity to meet future graduates. When the topic of consulting com...

How much data do I need for my AI project?

Laetitia Josse
August 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its various algorithms may still seem dark and mysterious to non-experts. However...

Why is UX design important for your projects?

Cécile Hubert
April 2021

Within a site or an application, you have certainly already experienced similar annoyances: “Where are the contact...

To PhD or not to PhD: the data science question?

Mihailo Backovic
April 2021

Roughly a year and a half ago, in the times when you could still sit at the same table with people who are not...

Ethics and AI : A few words on

Fanny Asukulu
October 2020

Ethics in AI”, probably one of the most researched topics on Google regarding the field of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence : Should you blindly trust data?

Caroline Vandenplas
August 2020

As many data scientists, I have followed a non-linear career path: after having studied mathematics and physic...

Demystifying PCA with LEGOs

Mihailo Backovic
July 2020

I recently came across an interesting article which aims to explain the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to a...

How did collective intelligence at B12 Consulting help us in our management of the COVID-19 crisis?

Camille Libert
July 2020

When I told my colleagues that 1 + 1 > 2 , it made their teeth grind: they immediately referred to an infamous action movie...

Scala.js : A somewhat opinionated guide to going Full Stack in Scala

Antoine Doeraene
May 2020

A lot of modern day web applications have shifted towards making "single page applications". Many responsibilities...