Cécile obtained a Master's degree in civil engineering (applied mathematics orientation), in 2018, and a PhD in engineering sciences and technology in 2022 from the Université Catholique de Louvain.

During her PhD thesis, she worked on a data analysis method called "Non-negative Matrix Factorization". This method allows the extraction of characteristic elements from matrix data, while filtering noise and compressing the data. Cécile was interested in the possibility of extending this method to bivariate functions, and especially in the use of parameterized functions in the factorization. The proposed extension allows to obtain more accurate factorizations, filtering the noise better. On a different note, she has also been involved in the activities of the university, supervising exercise sessions and representing researchers both at her research institute and at the university level.

Cécile joined B12 Consulting in September 2022 as an Associate. Apart from mathematics and computer science, she enjoys playing board games, sewing or knitting clothes, singing and dancing.