Olivier MARTIN


Olivier obtained his Master’s degree in Computer Science, with a specialisation in software engineering, programming systems and network security, from the Université Catholique de Louvain in 2018.

During his studies, Olivier was heavily involved with the development of Open Source projects (Android, Linux, Web, Cloud, etc.). His project portfolio includes INGInious, an education platform for online learning, to which he contributed both via software development and content design. Olivier also worked as a Computer Science tutor for bachelor students in civil engineering. For his Master’s thesis, Olivier focused on the development of an algorithm to analyse students' education progress and identify difficulties in learning. His thesis also included a novel algorithm to detect and prevent plagiarism.

Olivier joined B12 in June 2018. He is fond of nature and new technologies. He also enjoys video games, piano, building of scale models and gardening.