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Our innovation strategy services

At B12, our Innovation Strategy service is tailored to navigate the fast-paced digital and AI landscape.

By collaborating closely, we delve into your unique business needs, identifying opportunities that not only align with your goals but also offer a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Our goal is to strategically position your business to excel in an environment where technology continually reshapes the competitive landscape.

Understand your needs

We start with a thorough assessment of your operations, emphasizing a deep understanding of your vision and objectives. In this evaluation, we prioritize a human-centric approach, focusing on areas ready for innovation and aligning our strategies with both your objectives and needs.

Insights into the technological landscape

Our experts not only guide you through the latest industry trends and technological advancements but also identify the technologies best suited to meet your vision. We focus on selecting innovations that prioritize value creation and impact.

Goal-oriented strategy

Building on our in-depth operational analysis and insights into the technological landscape, we develop a customized strategy that is in perfect harmony with your specific business goals. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we ensure that this strategic plan not only aligns with your objectives but also positions you for long-term success.
The strategic plan we craft acts as a cornerstone for further development, guiding the creation and integration of tailored software and AI-powered solutions. This plan ensures that every development step aligns with your business goals, effectively turning strategic insights into impactful, operational technologies.

Structured framework

Our approach is methodical and focused. We start with a business impact assessment to understand each use-case's effect on your operations. Following this, we conduct a technical feasibility study to ensure the practical implementation of these use-cases. This comprehensive analysis forms the core of our strategic planning, guaranteeing realistic and effective innovation solutions.

1  Assessment

  • In-depth analysis: A comprehensive evaluation of the current technological landscape and operational practices to pinpoint areas primed for innovation.
  • Alignment with business goals: Ensure the strategic plan is aligned with your defined business objectives.
  • Readiness and infrastructure evaluation: Evaluate the readiness of your data and IT infrastructure for AI adoption.

2  Strategy Definition

  • Goal and objective setting: Initiating the process with a clear definition of AI-related goals and objectives.
  • Tailored strategy creation: Utilizing insights from the initial assessment to craft a custom strategy for AI integration.
  • Step-by-Step plan: Formulate a detailed, actionable plan outlining the steps to achieve innovation objectives.
  • Technology selection: Provide guidance on selecting suitable AI technologies that align with your goals.

3  Use-Case Identification

  • Focused use-case identification: We focus on identifying specific, relevant use-cases that can significantly impact your operations. Each use-case is detailed from both a strategic and technological standpoint, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of its potential influence and implementation.
  • Impact matrix: We develop a detailed matrix to systematically assess and compare the impact and feasibility of each identified use-case. This matrix serves as a critical tool to visualize and prioritize the potential value and practicality of proposed innovations.
  • Step-by-Step plan: Formulate a detailed, actionable plan outlining the steps to achieve innovation objectives.
  • Written report: A comprehensive report is compiled, presenting a summary of all findings and strategic recommendations. This detailed analysis covers the entire scope of the assessment, strategy formulation, and use-case identification, providing a clear roadmap of the suggested innovation strategies.

Innovation and strategy framework


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