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Brieuc Kaisin


Brieuc Kaisin holds the position of Associate from June 2023. He joined B12 Consulting in 2021 as an Analyst Developer.

Brieuc graduated in civil engineering with a specialization in applied mathematics and an option in Data Science from UCLouvain in 2020. He then obtained a Master's degree in Business Engineering from the Louvain School of Management in 2021.

During his studies, Brieuc developed a keen interest in Machine Learning, which was reflected in his two Master’s thesis. The first focused on 'feature selection' from incomplete and heterogeneous data, while the second aimed to improve the ethics of recommendation systems.

Brieuc has always been passionate about computer science. In particular, he is fascinated by computer architecture and computing power. He loves breaking down a problem into several sub-problems and solving them independently to reach the final solution. A great lover of logic and elegance, he is a fervent adept of functional programming, which he practices and challenges on a daily basis thanks to Scala, his favorite programming language, of which he is the expert at B12. An admirer of distributed architectures, his field of expertise extends from microservices infrastructures to technologies such as Kafka, Elasticsearch, and Angular. He also loves to share his knowledge and discuss it with his colleagues on a daily basis.

Shortly after joining B12, Brieuc became involved in the early stages of a large-scale project for a Walloon company specializing in data protection. The aim is to develop a platform for centralizing and automating the work of employees and customers, notably using artificial intelligence tools. Particular emphasis was also placed on the application's scalability and maintainability, by opting for an event-driven micro-services architecture, favoring easy collaboration and seamless integration of existing and future modules.

Outside of work, Brieuc likes to indulge his epicurean spirit by embarking on impromptu hikes in the great outdoors, whether close to home or on the other side of the world, alone or with friends. He also loves classical music and has been playing the piano since the age of 7.