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Caroline Vandenplas

Managing Partner

Caroline is a Managing Partner at B12 Consulting. She joined the company in 2019 as a senior Data Scientist, quickly taking on more responsibilities within the company, first as a Project Manager in 2020, and eventually becoming a Managing Partner in 2022.

Caroline obtained a master's degree in Mathematics in 2003 and a Ph.D. in Physics, Quantum Information, in 2007 from KULeuven. She then shifted her focus to the human sciences, applying her analytical skills as a Sampling Expert for the International Organisation for the Assessment of Education Achievement in Hamburg, Germany, and as a Data Analyst at the Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2019, she earned a Ph.D. in Sociology from KULeuven, where she worked as a Researcher and Teaching Assistant. Her research and work as a Survey Methodologist involved analyzing issues affecting survey data, finding solutions to improve data quality, and studying the effect of data quality on substantive research.

Caroline combines extensive expertise in data analytics, advanced statistics, and Artificial Intelligence with a strong business acumen and excellent management skills. She has successfully led multiple projects within B12 to success, thanks to a sense of collaboration and adaptability. Her team appreciates her caring yet to-the-point leadership style.

Caroline has conceptualized and led a complex project for a company specializing in data protection regulations. The project required structuring complex multi-actor information to comply with data protection regulations across several countries. The challenges posed by business complexity, real-time collaboration, and cross-validation of entered information were overcome through close collaboration with the client and a motivated, innovative team.

Caroline is a tireless classical, jazz, and contemporary dancer. She trains every week to improve her technique and share this passion with her dancer friends.