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Cécile Hautecoeur


Cécile joined B12 Consulting as an Associate in September 2022.

She holds a Master's degree in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Applied Mathematics, which she obtained in 2018, and a Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences and Technology from UCLouvain in 2022.

During her doctoral research, Cécile focused on a data analysis technique known as "Non-negative Matrix Factorization." This method enables the extraction of characteristic features from matrices while effectively filtering noise and compressing data.

Cécile leverages her solid mathematical background and analytical skills to drive her projects to successful completion, always approaching them with enthusiasm. She possesses expertise in Python, which she applied during her thesis work and various other projects. Furthermore, she exhibits an inherent ability to quickly adapt to new programming languages and technologies.

At B12, Cécile began her tenure by joining a long-running project. Demonstrating her versatility, she adeptly adjusted and enhanced the existing functionalities while incorporating technological advancements. In another initiative focused on developing a calculation library, Cécile played a crucial role right from the project's inception. She contributed to creating the architecture and structure of the system, facilitating effective collaboration with the customer who was also involved in the implementation process.

Beyond her professional pursuits in mathematics and computer science, Cécile indulges in various hobbies outside of work. She finds joy in playing board games, sewing, knitting clothes, and engaging in activities like singing and dancing.