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Cécile Hubert

UX/UI Designer

Cécile joined B12 in March 2014, bringing her UI design expertise to the team. Over the years, she has evolved into a key role within the company, delivering UX/UI design projects and providing valuable insights to create intuitive and visually appealing user experiences.

With a solid grounding in web design, Cécile excels at creating engaging, user-centred digital experiences. Her colleagues recognise her for her attention to detail and her ability to translate complex ideas into intuitive designs. Cécile's expertise lies in responsive design, where she ensures seamless use on different devices.

Cécile graduated from the Haute-Ecole Rennequin Sualem in 2009 with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Arts. Before joining B12, Cécile gained valuable experience working for a web design agency in Luxembourg, where she honed her skills in corporate website design and search engine optimisation. Her hands-on experience consulting clients and training in CMS tools has prepared her for her role at B12, where she continues to use her expertise to deliver impactful design solutions.

Outside work, Cécile is an active theatre-goer, showcasing her creativity and theatrical talents. Cécile is also an excellent swimmer.