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Charlotte Léonard

Business Developer

Charlotte joined B12 Consulting as a Business Developer in February 2022. She identifies new opportunities, sets up the first customer exchanges, contributes to the communication strategy and marketing, while representing the company at networking events. Her day-to-day work is therefore an asset for the company's development.

Charlotte graduated from UCLouvain in 2018 with a Master's degree in Corporate Communication and Public Relations. Her academic background is quite varied as Charlotte obtained her bachelor's degree in Marketing at EPHEC, in 2015, before embarking on her Master's degree. The 4 internships she completed in different sectors, most notably at B12 Consulting, gave her a diverse field experience.

After her studies, Charlotte worked for three years in the banking sector, where she developed a keen interest in projects focusing on customer satisfaction and employee well-being. This experience enabled her to learn a great deal about the customer experience, as well as multitasking, teamwork and professional customer care.

In her various projects at B12, Charlotte combines commitment, professionalism and perseverance to deliver quality work to customers and colleagues. She takes pleasure in creating and seizing opportunities, successfully juggling the many tasks involved in developing B12. Her solutions-oriented approach and attention to detail enable her to successfully meet challenges while improving processes. Respect, caring, team spirit and positivity are essential values for her to feel fulfilled in her life and at work.

Charlotte's main focus is on internal projects aimed at strengthening the company. However, she also plays a key role in promoting B12 through external collaborations, organising partnerships, events and communication projects such as workshops. She is also part of the STEM4Her programme team.

Outside of work, Charlotte finds balance through ballet classes, connecting with nature and getting involved in creative projects. She has a passion for reading and is interested in film and various art forms, in keeping with her feminist values. Charlotte is a keen walker who likes to push herself. She readily admits to a love of chocolate and a particular affection for cats.