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Christian Sepulveda Arzuza

AI Developer

Christian Sepulveda joined B12 Consulting as an AI Developer in December 2023.

He obtained two Master’s degrees, in Chemical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, from KU Leuven in 2022 and 2023, respectively. His academic journey is marked by noteworthy achievements, including his first Master thesis on benchmarking computational models of cellular metabolism, and his second on the application of AI in automatically discovering accurate models of industrial processes from sensor data.

Before starting his professional journey at B12, Christian completed an internship in the Advanced AI and Insights department at GSK. Additionally, before starting his Master studies, he worked for 2 years in industry as a Supervisor and then as a Junior Engineer.

Christian's professional expertise primarily revolves around Artificial Intelligence, with a strong focus on Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques. His interdisciplinary knowledge uniquely positions him to create significant impacts in the Chemical, Pharma, and other industrial sectors. As a social and communicative person, he likes working in a team and sharing his knowledge. His passion for solving complex challenges drives him to learn new technologies and to strive towards further technical excellence.

One of his standout projects was at GSK, where he demonstrated the power of AI in constructing reliable and explainable models from process sensor data. This project underscored the capability of AI to dramatically reduce the time required to develop Digital Twins of industrial processes. He achieved this breakthrough by adapting a state-of-the-art framework to accommodate sensor data noise, utilizing deep learning and algorithmic modifications.

During his free time, Christian loves dancing Salsa and Bachata, and enjoys cooking greatly too.