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Djordje Andjic

Junior AI Developer

Djordje embarked on his journey with the B12 Team in Montenegro in March 2024, stepping into the role of a Junior AI Developer.

His academic journey led him to the Belgorod State Technological University, where he graduated from a degree in Information Technologies in 2020. His final project focused on automating airport ticket and luggage check by using Kotlin and Django as technologies.

Djordje's journey in software development can be traced back to his adolescent years, where a fascination with building his own video game sparked his creative fervor. Throughout his academic tenure, he honed his skills in back-end development. 

Djordje's introduction to AI and Machine Learning began during his second year of studies, igniting a passion that would shape his professional trajectory. Fueled by a thirst for knowledge, he immersed himself in mastering these transformative technologies, infusing them into his software development journey.  During this time, his main focus and passion was developing small optimized solutions using various programming languages.

In his professional endeavors, Djordje thrives on projects that afford him the opportunity to showcase different development techniques and practices, all while leveraging his expertise to craft solutions that make a tangible difference in people's lives.

Beyond code and algorithms, Djordje finds joy on the basketball court and you may often find him engaged in matches at the local basketball court. When not, Djordje immerses himself in literature, relishing the opportunity to explore narratives and cultures.