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Geoffroy Piroux

Managing Partner

Geoffroy is a Managing Partner and co-founder of B12 Consulting.

Geoffroy holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Physics from the University of Namur in 1999. He further pursued his academic journey by achieving a Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics from the University of Louvain in 2006. Parallel to his research in physics, Geoffroy explored the realm of Philosophy, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in 2003.

His primary research endeavors were centered around the intricate domain of conformal field theories and their intricate connections with two-dimensional critical dynamic models, including the renowned sandpile model. In 2006, Geoffroy embarked on a new professional chapter by joining Sopra Banking Software. At Sopra, he became an integral part of the product department, serving as a solution expert with a specialization in loans, treasury, and risk management domains. Additionally, he assumed the role of manager for the compliance team, overseeing the alignment of the solution with regulatory, legal, and third-party product evolutions. Geoffroy later co-founded B12 in 2012 with Vincent and Michel. Since then he has managed a large number of IT and AI projects in diverse sectors such as healthcare and e-learning.

Geoffroy continues to contribute as an invited lecturer at the University of Louvain where he shares his knowledge of Physics to M.S. Business Engineering students. He has also recently delved into the art of crafting and repairing guitars.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Geoffroy is fueled by an insatiable passion for Physics and Philosophy. Moreover, he finds exhilaration in activities such as caving, paragliding, and climbing, embracing life's adventures both in and out of the academic sphere.