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Guillaume Truffaut

Project Manager

Guillaume started working at B12 Consulting in 2019 as an Analyst. He then progressed to an Associate role in 2020, finally becoming Project Manager in 2023.

Guillaume obtained his first Master's degree in Business Engineering in 2016, followed by a second Master's degree in Data Science in 2019 at UCLouvain. Before obtaining his second master's degree in Data Science, Guillaume had the opportunity to take part in a leadership program for a telecommunications company in Belgium. This enriching experience enabled him to acquire solid project management skills.

Over the years, Guillaume has developed expertise in data science and statistics. Thanks to the various projects he has carried out at B12, he has also acquired skills in backend development using the Django framework. His colleagues at B12 particularly appreciate his good understanding of the business challenges of the projects he works on, as well as his ability to work as part of a team.

At B12, Guillaume has the opportunity to work for customers in a variety of sectors. Among others, he works regularly for a major pharmaceutical company, where he leads Data Science projects focused on improving the yield of pharmaceutical products through the use of statistical models and Machine Learning. For another client, Guillaume also contributed to the development of a platform for statistical analysis of clinical trials.

In his spare time, Guillaume likes to let off steam by taking part in local running races or "Trail" races in the great outdoors.