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Hugo Dendievel

AI Developer

Hugo Dendievel joined B12 Consulting in August 2022 as an AI Developer, specializing in Data Science. Over time, he transitioned into a hybrid role, primarily focusing on frontend development in Angular while also contributing to backend development in Scala.

Hugo obtained a Master's degree in Business Engineering from the UCLouvain in 2022, with a specialization in Business Analytics. For his Master's thesis, he conducted research on the influence of social media on the stock market, utilizing data extracted from Reddit and Twitter to analyze user sentiments and their correlation with stock market trends.

Prior to joining B12, Hugo completed an internship at the company, where he worked on two diverse projects. One project involved applying artificial intelligence techniques to analyze 17th-century French texts, while the other focused on data protection in compliance with privacy regulations. These experiences provided him with a solid foundation in Data Science and a broader understanding of the consulting industry.

Hugo's area of expertise lies in both Data Science and software development. Within B12, Hugo is recognized for his analytical mindset, logical thinking abilities, and problem-solving skills. His colleagues appreciate his collaborative nature and empathetic approach to working in a team. Hugo particularly enjoys exploring innovative technologies and finding creative solutions to complex challenges.

One of the notable projects that Hugo has been heavily involved in during his tenure at B12 Consulting is the development of a secure data management application. In this project, Hugo played a crucial role as a frontend, backend developer and data scientist.

Outside of work, Hugo enjoys pursuing various hobbies. He is an avid cyclist, finding joy in exploring new routes and challenging himself on long rides. He also has a passion for photography, capturing moments that inspire him. Additionally, Hugo enjoys unleashing his creativity by utilizing his 3D printer to bring his ideas to life.