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Juli Dema


Juli joined B12 Consulting in November 2022 as an Analyst Developer.

Starting in the business field, she first obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance from Epoka University in Albania in 2020. Later, she discovered a strong interest in Data Science and shifted her focus towards this field by pursuing Master's studies in Statistics and Data Science at KU Leuven. Her thesis research focused on powerful model-free variable selection in the context of discrete response models.

Juli’s expertise lies in the field of Data Science, particularly in Natural Language Processing (NLP). She is a fast learner and highly persistent, always eager to stay updated with the rapidly changing Data Science landscape in order to provide the best solutions for our clients. Juli enjoys collaborative teamwork and brainstorming with fellow members to generate innovative ideas for each project. For the majority of her projects, Juli has worked with Large Language Models (LLM) in various applications. These projects have harnessed the potential of the client’s data to significantly improve the efficiency of their processes and unlock new possibilities.

In her free time, she enjoys going second-hand shopping, sewing, reading, and spending time with friends over a drink.