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Julie Hortulanus

HR Officer

Julie Hortulanus joined B12 Consulting in June 2022, taking on a multifaceted role that includes Human Resources, Events, and Office Management.

Julie holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication and a Master's degree in Public Relations from UCLouvain, where she completed her studies in 2014. Her educational background has equipped her with strong communication skills and a foundation in understanding and managing relationships within various professional contexts.

Julie's professional journey began as a European Sales Support Coordinator for a marketing and export company specializing in hops. This experience honed her organizational skills and attention to detail. Subsequently, she transitioned to an Office Management position in a large consulting company. Her interest in Human Resources led her to join a recruitment company as an HR Officer, expanding her knowledge in this field.

She is careful about creating a positive work environment and ensuring the well-being of her colleagues. Her empathetic nature and ability to connect with people make her a trusted resource for her colleagues.

Within B12 Consulting, Julie has been involved in various projects. She has successfully coordinated employee engagement initiatives, such as team-building activities, to foster a positive and collaborative work culture. Her contribution to Office Management ensures a well-organized and efficient workspace, enhancing the overall productivity and comfort of the team.

Outside of work, Julie is passionate about music and travel. She finds joy in exploring new destinations and immersing herself in different cultures. Additionally, she enjoys baking cakes with her daughter, combining her love for creativity with quality time with her family.