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Julien Herman

AI Developer

Julien joined B12 in September 2022 as an AI Developer.

He graduated from UCLouvain in 2022 with a degree in civil engineering, specializing in applied mathematics, optimization, operational research, and cryptography.

Julien is an avid enthusiast of functional programming and typed languages. He possesses a passion for utilizing Scala in backend development. His curiosity drives him to continuously explore new horizons, particularly within the realm of artificial intelligence. At B12, he has had the opportunity to work on various projects as a full stack developer for both the public and private sectors. His involvement has ranged from enhancing existing projects to spearheading the launch of new initiatives. As such, he has been involved in making strategic architecture choices for project start-ups. He has honed his skills working on both existing and new projects.

In his spare time, he enjoys practicing and watching sports, mainly badminton, a game he has been playing for a long time. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends.