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Laetitia Josse

Project Manager

Laetitia currently holds the position of Project Manager. She joined B12 Consulting in September 2019 as Analyst Developer. She was promoted to Associate in Data Science in 2021 and Project Manager in 2023 as a result of the experience she earned working on numerous projects.

Laetitia completed her studies at the Faculté Polytechnique de Mons in June 2019 and received a Master's degree in Civil Engineering with a focus in Electricity and a specialty in Signals, Systems, and Bioengineering. During her graduate work, she specialized in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, working on a model for stylistic modeling of human movement using deep neural networks.

Throughout her projects, Laetitia has developed solid expertise in various artificial intelligence techniques (Large Language Model, Machine Learning, etc.). She has also put her leadership skills into practice in the projects she has completed. Laetitia is also always attentive to providing business analysis to ensure the success of projects beyond the technical aspect. Thanks to her participation in various professional events, Laetitia has also developed her public speaking skills. She is recognized by her peers as a colleague who is empathetic, a good listener, radiant, encouraging, and very much a team player, as well as being analytical, organized, and level-headed. Since joining B12, Laetitia has been involved in numerous projects in various sectors. For example, she actively contributed to the implementation of Digital Twins in the pharmaceutical industry, aiming to monitor the vaccine production line in real-time and predict yield based on various parameters.

Outside of work, Laetitia likes to disconnect from the digital world by enjoying nature hikes, traveling, or cooking for her loved ones. She is also passionate about aerial disciplines such as pole dancing and aerial hooping.