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Lana Descheemaeker

Functional Expert

Lana Descheemaeker joined B12 Consulting in October 2020 as an Associate and was promoted to the role of Functional Expert in 2023.

Lana obtained a Master’s degree in Physics in 2016 and a Ph.D. in Applied Physics in 2020 from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The topic of her thesis was the modeling of biological networks at different scales: from small gene regulatory systems to large microbial communities.

Lana has a critical mind and contributes to the functional and technical analysis of the projects. She is an experienced frontend developer using the Angular framework and has also been involved in the development of the backend for several projects in Scala.

Lana has mostly been working on projects in the health industry. She worked, for example, on a web application for physicians. She helped set up a tool for migrating medical records and sharing encrypted medical data between healthcare providers. For another project in the transport sector, she set up an API in Scala to find routes combining multiple ways of transportation.

In her free time, Lana enjoys reading books and playing music.