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Laure Hurlet

UX/UI Designer

Laure joined B12 Consulting in October 2022 as a UX/UI Designer.

She graduated from the Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer in Brussels with a degree in fashion design. After her studies, she worked for various textile companies where she further developed her design skills and acquired a wide range of experience in textile product development. Simultaneously, she nurtured her entrepreneurial spirit, establishing her own successful textile brand that traversed the globe, from New York to Tokyo via Brussels.

Laure's lifelong passion for graphic arts and computer science guided her to venture into the realm of coding. She pursued comprehensive training in web development at Interface3 in Brussels. She then specialized in UI/UX design in order to combine her two passions and develop her graphic sense and user experience skills.

Laure has a truly creative mind; she likes solving UX enigmas and understanding the underlying logic. Yet, her true delight lies in sculpting visually appealing, user-centric interfaces using the amazing Figma tool.

Laure introduces a unique and fresh perspective to each B12 project by analyzing the UX and integrating the UI. Her steadfast belief in the transformative power of user-centric design drives her mission to enhance projects by optimizing end-user experiences, a challenge she finds both enthralling and inspiring.

Laure enjoys all the creative arts in general and dabbles in everything from embroidery to ceramics to painting. Yoga, biking, and watching sci-fi movies are some of her favorite activities in her free time.