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Martin Taminiaux


Martin Taminiaux is currently Associate. He joined B12 Consulting in January 2022 as a Software Developer and Data Scientist. He has had the opportunity to work on both aspects of the company's various projects. Thanks to his expertise, Martin was quickly promoted to Associate in June 2023.

Martin obtained a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Applied Mathematic from UCLouvain in 2021. After graduating, he worked as a Data Scientist for a professional soccer club. In this stressful and competitive environment, he learned a lot about managing and prioritizing tasks for his current job at B12.

Martin enjoys discovering new technologies and understanding all aspects of developing IT solutions. This includes defining the problem, innovating to solve it, backend and frontend development, and deploying the application. He also enjoys teamwork and interaction with colleagues. That's where he brings the most value. He had the opportunity to work directly on one of B12's biggest projects. On this project, he started out as a frontend developer, then fullstack, and gained responsibility by creating a relationship of trust with the customer.

In his spare time, Martin enjoys sport and soccer.