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Maxime Paquet


Maxime Paquet joined B12 Consulting as an AI Developer specializing in Data Science in October 2023.

Maxime holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics with a focus in optimization and data science. His Master’s thesis involved a comparative analysis of row generation, column generation, and column-and-row generation methods for calculating convex hull prices in the day-ahead electricity market. Maxime’s academic journey extended to Leuven, where he contributed to the first autonomous student car project as part of a formula student team. This practical experience has endowed Maxime with hands-on skills and a problem-solving approach, which he actively incorporates into his professional work.

Before joining B12, Maxime worked as a Data Scientist at Intelsat in Luxembourg for 13 months. In the dynamic geo-satellite industry, he adeptly applied machine learning techniques to forecast capacity usage and utilized Markov Chain simulations for modeling capacity usage across the satellite fleet. This role not only expanded his data science expertise but also deepened his understanding of its real-world applications.

Maxime is keenly interested in emerging technologies and their practical uses, deriving satisfaction from understanding customer needs and devising solutions for complex challenges. His commitment to continuous learning is fueled by the challenges he encounters, with each obstacle seen as an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Outside of work, Maxime likes to travel and discover new cultures. He has been a long-time hockey player and enjoys quality time with friends and family