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Maxime Sohet

Project Manager

Maxime currently holds the role of Project Manager. He joined B12 Consulting in July 2020 as an Analyst Developer.

Maxime obtained a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Applied Mathematics and another one in Entrepreneurship from UCLouvain in 2019. During his Masters, he developed a strong interest in Data Science and Entrepreneurship. After his studies, he participated in an intensive bootcamp in fullstack web development and worked for several start-ups to help them build their web products.

He is passionate about new technologies and is always keen to acquire new skills in this area.

With his strong experience in web development, he has had the opportunity to focus on the various aspects of web development, such as frontend, backend, devops, management and communication.

Maxime is comfortable working with multiple stacks and technologies like : Angular, NodeJs/Express, Django, Docker and he is particularly efficient in Python, Typescript languages. He worked on multiple projects in teams across various sectors including ehealth, accounting, mobility and real estate. He places significant importance on the product vision to ensure the creation of products that resonate with customers and users, effectively addressing their needs.

During his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, skiing, windsurfing, riding his bike and spending time with his friends.