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Najlae Sahbi

AI Developer

Najlae joined B12 Consulting in October 2023 as an AI Developer.

She commenced her academic journey at Al Akhawayn University in Morocco, where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Engineering and Management Science. It was during this time that she discovered a passion for Data Science, focusing her final dissertation on sentiment analysis of cryptocurrencies based on data from Reddit. She furthered her education with a Master’s degree in Data Science from UCLouvain in 2023, completing a thesis on Machine Learning applications in materials science, specifically in the field of superconducting materials.

Najlae’s area of expertise lies in the fields of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Eager to learn, she likes to stay up to date with the rapid advances in the field of data science. She has a collaborative spirit and loves to discuss and exchange ideas with others. At B12, she has worked on projects involving generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), aiming to deliver significant value to our clients.

A chess enthusiast, she enjoys swimming, reading, and playing music in her free time.