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Nicolas Lurkin

Technical Expert

Nicolas joined B12 Consulting as a Technical Expert in October 2023.

Nicolas completed his Master's in Particle Physics at UCLouvain in 2011 and his Ph.D. in Particle Physics at the University of Birmingham in 2017. He continued in academia with postdoctoral positions at the University of Birmingham (2017-2020) and UCLouvain (2020-2023), working on an experiment at CERN. Nicolas significantly contributed to the development of data processing and analysis software for the experimental collaboration before leading the project. He was also responsible for the IT infrastructure and services supporting the acquisition and processing of very large data sets.

Thanks to his work in a large international scientific collaboration, Nicolas acquired a diverse and extensive set of skills ranging from data analysis and the design and construction of a particle detector, to the development of a large software framework and the maintenance of a complex computing infrastructure. He is keen to learn new technologies that he can apply to his work. As a fast learner, Nicolas can utilize his various areas of expertise to select and integrate the most appropriate combination of technologies to solve the problem at hand.

At home, Nicolas takes care of his collection of bonsais and enjoys playing music in a local orchestra.