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Thierry Stulemeijer

Technical Expert

Thierry joined B12 Consulting as an Associate Software Developer in December 2020.

Thierry has an impressive and diverse academic background with a Bachelor's degree in Flute from Mons Conservatory in 2008, a Master's degree in Mathematics from both Cambridge University in 2012 and Brussels University in 2013, and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from UCLouvain in 2017. Subsequently, he dedicated two years to an academic pursuit, conducting research in the field of topological group theory.

Since joining B12, he has built up experience with several frameworks for web development: Django (Python), Express (Node.js), Play (Scala) for the backend, and Angular (TypeScript) and React (TypeScript) for the frontend. He has also worked with various databases such as PostgreSQL, Neo4j, MongoDB. Thierry is continually seeking out new concepts to learn and further enrich his existing knowledge. His enthusiasm for software development makes him a fun colleague to collaborate with.

Thierry serves as the lead developer for projects in many different business domains, including real estate development, retail, banking, recycling, and biology. He always strives for simplicity in modeling complex problems. He is also excited about optimizing performance throughout the entire stack, achieving speed improvements of up to a factor of 100 on certain occasions.

During his free time, Thierry enjoys doing yoga and singing the tenor opera repertoire.