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Wendy Truyens

UX/UI Designer

Wendy currently holds the position of Senior UX/UI Designer. She joined B12 Consulting in 2016 as a Junior UX/UI Designer.

Wendy graduated in Graphic Communications from Haute École Albert Jacquard in 2016. With a solid background in pre-press, she has had the opportunity to refine her technical skills over the years, enabling her to develop substantial expertise in UX and UI.

Passionate about interface design, Wendy has participated in creating numerous web and mobile applications for our clients. She has designed interfaces and graphic elements for phosphate factories, as well as a mobile application aimed at helping people quit smoking. She greatly enjoys teamwork and finding innovative solutions to our clients' problems. Each new project is an opportunity for her to craft something unique. She excels at creating visual identities, wireframes, and mock-ups, and she also manages HTML/CSS integration.

Outside of work, Wendy loves taking walks with her family, engaging in sports activities, and listening to music. She also dedicates a lot of time to improving her digital drawing techniques.