Waste Management Logistic Flow Analysis Platform


Recupel is a non profit organization responsible for monitoring and coordinating the recycling of electrical appliances in Belgium. They manage the entire chain, from collection points everywhere across the country, to recycling facilities. Monitoring of the whole network generates a substantial amount of data from various sources. This data needs to be processed and consolidated to generate comprehensive reports and dashboards, which are essential to properly allocate resources. As the complexity of data increased, the existing solution scaled poorly, leading to long processing times. In response to this challenge, Recupel approached B12 with the aim of designing a more robust custom tool capable of efficiently processing this data.


Our first step involved creating a dedicated web platform designed to clearly visualize the entire network of their operation, resulting in an increased understanding of the data. The visualization is fully interactive, empowering Recupel’s team to dive in and explore any part of the network in a detailed manner. This first step was made possible by transforming the raw data into a well-designed graph structure. We utilized this graph structure to seamlessly produce all the necessary reports, allowing Recupel’s team to receive a detailed breakdown of all the electrical appliances origins. To achieve this, the platform provides Recupel's team with the ability to input all the complex rules governing the network.


The close collaboration between our team and Recupel proved to be a success, transforming an old, error-prone and time consuming process into a platform generating accurate reports within minutes. Recupel is now more confident in the accuracy of their reports, and has gained invaluable insights from their own data.

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