Advanced Text Recognition and Analysis Techniques for Accounting Practices


Doappy, a rapidly evolving company specializing in innovative accounting solutions, approached us for our expertise in developing software. They aimed at streamlining the management of independent clients for fiduciaries. It is widely recognized that managing the accounts of multiple independent clients can be a time-consuming process for accountants and fiduciaries, resulting in reduced profitability. The manual processing of a variety of documents for these clients requires significant time and resources. Recognizing this, Doappy sought a digital solution to this challenge.


At the start of the project, our consultants conducted a comprehensive strategic and functional analysis. The key insights generated served as the foundation for the development of a solution based on the use of advanced optical character recognition (OCR) and AI-powered analysis techniques. As a result, we successfully created a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution capable of automating the extraction of crucial information, such as price, supplier, and date, from diverse documents, such as invoices. The application we developed provided accountants with the convenience of accessing and modifying their clients’ financial data at any time, thus simplifying their tax management process. In addition, we ensured a highly secure environment for storing sensitive accounting data. Working in close collaboration with Doappy, we continuously improved the accounting platform based on their feedback and requests, incorporating new features as necessary. Looking ahead, we plan to add modules to automate the calculation of social contributions and taxes.


Through continuous upgrades and user validation, our algorithm consistently improves its performance. The integration of advanced text recognition (OCR) and analysis techniques has empowered fiduciaries to efficiently manage their clients' information. Our joint efforts with Doappy exemplify the potential of collaboration between technology and finance.

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