AI-generated Insights on the Underlying Economic Network of Walloon Companies


The Brabant Walloon province in Belgium faced a complex challenge - enhancing their comprehension of the intricate network of companies operating within their geographic area. They required an intuitive solution that could effectively extract and analyze information, strengthening the connections between these companies and offering an innovative way to navigate the vast pool of extracted data.


In response to this challenge, our team of data scientists employed state-of-the-art large language models (LLMs) to develop an innovative tool that could extract and interpret diverse information related to these companies. The information encompassed a wide array of factors such as their field of expertise, geographical location, and the ecosystem in which they operate. To facilitate the comprehensive analysis of the extracted data, we integrated a graph visualization tool into the developed solution. The powerful feature allowed business experts to discern the complex relationships between various companies through simple, easily executable queries. We further enhanced the tool by extracting additional AI-generated details, including contact emails and phone numbers. The feature provided a practical and efficient way for experts to establish connections with local actors, thus fostering an environment conducive to economic development within the province.


We leveraged the power of recent AI-based developments to craft a tool that not only generated valuable insights but also significantly improved the productivity of business analysts. The solution has enabled the Brabant Walloon Belgian province to understand and navigate their economic network with an unprecedented level of insight and ease. The platform paves the way for stronger connections and potential collaborative opportunities within the province - showcasing the potential of AI for business analysis and economic development.

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