Analyzing Clinical Trial Data with Innovative Advanced Statistical Data Analysis Methods


One2Treat, a spin-off launched by the internationally acclaimed Belgian SME, IDDI, sought to enhance the accessibility and utility of the BENEFIT Analysis online platform. This platform incorporates the Generalized Pairwise Comparisons (GPC) method, an innovative statistical approach facilitating precision and personalized patient-centric medicine. The GPC method requires extensive computing resources, involving systematic pairwise comparisons of clinical trial outcome measures and simulation of numerous virtual trials. Thus, the primary challenges for this project included developing a computational system capable of rapid processing and creating a user interface that accommodates users with varying statistical expertise - from patients to experienced statisticians.


The project resulted in a user-friendly web application that allows users to securely input, format, analyze, visualize, and organize clinical trial data. Experts can import data from clinical trials, specify their characteristics, and set default values for the GPC analysis parameters. The application also includes data validation checks to ensure data integrity before analysis. Our UX/UI experts, after a comprehensive study, developed an intuitive visualization system to select clinical outcome prioritization and decipher complex results, including various statistical errors. The platform features an exploration tool for analysis and a graph creation tool that can be organized and used in reports. Furthermore, the platform incorporates a hybrid Python package to implement the GPC analysis method using optimized high-performance computing techniques.


Our fruitful collaboration with IDDI resulted in a novel solution that revolutionizes the dynamic analysis of clinical trials, resulting in personalized medicine. We offered insightful analysis and strategic guidance, helping IDDI select the optimal open-source technology. The successful project outcome eventually led to the establishment of IDDI's spin-off, One2Treat.

"B12's technical expertise and scientific culture were essential throughout the development of the project. The ability to understand and implement complex statistical methodologies allowed the B12 team to propose high value-added solutions that were not anticipated by the research team."

Damien Tremolet

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