Research Tool for Treatment Plan Evaluation


Ion Beam Applications (IBA), a medical technology company based in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, has successfully positioned itself as a global leader in the fields of proton beam therapy, radiopharmacy, industrial particle accelerators, and dosimetry. With over three decades of experience under their belt, they've made considerable advancements in their sector. However, despite these accomplishments, they encountered challenges when evaluating their multiplicity of treatment plans. They identified a need for a specialized digital tool that could aid researchers in the efficient creation and evaluation of these comprehensive treatment plans.


Addressing this need B12 Consulting, entered in a productive collaboration with the University of Groningen, to develop a unique, open-source platform. The platform was specifically designed to be a versatile tool for researchers, enabling them to create, evaluate, and modify a broad spectrum of workflows that are integral to the formulation of their treatment plans. One of the standout features of this digital tool is the integrated medical imaging viewer. The viewer not only provides a streamlined platform for viewing medical images but also efficiently retrieves and manages a wide range of files and data from patients, all in standard medical file formats. Our designer ensured that the tool’s design emphasized modularity and adaptability, key characteristics necessary for accommodating the diverse range of workflows encountered in clinical practice. From image processing pipelines to dose estimation modules, the tool was engineered to handle an array of complex procedures, seamlessly aligning with the diverse workflows researchers engage in on a daily basis.


In conclusion, this project, fostered through our collaborative efforts with the University of Groningen and IBA, successfully focused on the creation of a digital tool adapted to meet the needs of researchers in proton therapy. The outcome was a tool capable of enhancing the evaluation of treatment plans, thereby enhancing the operational efficiency within this domain. The success of this endeavor underscores our joint commitment to continual innovation applied to the very specific field of proton therapy.

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